Cue Episode 5 – (The Tired Review)

Cue Episode 5 – (The Tired Review)

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Last episode, we learned that food can make you dance. Really. No joke.


Before I start this, bear in mind I’m writing this literally at four in the morning. I don’t know why. I’m just not that tired, and I feel like getting work done. Don’t judge me, and I won’t judge you. You’ll get more sarcastic than normal me probably, which is funny or something, I guess.


First Impressions

So we start with the four main girls chatting about how they’re so used to dorm life now. Apparently, the mature one, is that what I called her? I don’t know, I forgot her name, and I don’t have to patience to go look it up. That requires opening up a tab. She’s not Haruna, Maika, or Green Hair, that one. What was my point? Oh, yeah, she exercises a lot. Really not that interesting.

Haruna's Turtle
(She REALLY loves turtles)


Haruna sneaks out at night to buy a cabbage she’s just really craving and is trying to hide it from everyone. I would make some probably poor taste joke about her craving weird things, but I don’t think this world has men, so it wouldn’t work. Anyway, she has a pet turtle. That’s what the cabbage is for. She probably doesn’t even like cabbage. Turtle’s name is Kamei, by the way, and Haruna is the number one turtle rights advocate, it seems like.


Problem is, it’s against the rules to have pets. Haruna and co do the only logical thing and sell themselves out. But it’s all fine. As long as they have the power of friendship and all agree, any rules the dorms have vanishes. Amazing. But in reality, I think they just see turtles as lesser pets and allow them. I feel like that should piss off the turtle rights advocate, but what do I know. I don’t even know how to sleep! 


Haruna and Maika can’t sleep because it’s the day before they start recording the anime. Probably the most I’ve related to either of them, but I do love me a good turtle. They practice and jazz, but it’s time to start recording and probably failing or something. They all introduce themselves, and I learned that exercise girl is named Honoka. I look forward to forgetting that again.

Recording some lines
(This is some cool stuff. Give me more)


We get to actually see the recording part the way it’s actually done. I’ve seen little bits of that before, and it’s neat to see it translated back into anime here. It’s really meta and super cool. The anime seems all over the place, but I’m kind of in love with watching them act everything out. It’s really, really cool. We’re even learning about overlapping voices and stuff. It’s neat, damn it. It’s even cooler because I’m exhausted.


Sorry, I’m calling out some bull. So, Haruna puts a little too much feeling into her Student A role with Maika’s Tsubaki, but the author of Bloom Ball is ok with that. Do you know why? Because Student A becomes a more important character later on. If that’s true, wouldn’t they just use the name of the character and not Student A? And why doesn’t the recording studio or whatever know this. They all suck at their jobs. I don’t care how smooth beard ponytail guy’s voice is. He sucks.


Whatever. They now say that Haruna didn’t breathe enough life into Student A, so she gives it all she has, and they get a perfect recording or something. That’s the end of the episode. 


My Thoughts

Everyone in a booth
(I know they record in a booth, but it’s odd to see them all)


I’m getting tired now. I’m still good, but it is getting to me. That took like forty minutes with writing and stuff to get through. Ya know, if we’re really going full fourth wall breaking, I’m literally watching YouTube reaction videos as I write this. Neat. So what did I think of this episode? It was pretty damn good.


I liked the turtle stuff. It was kind of random, but I did really enjoy it. Kamei’s cute, and I think it’s cute that Haruna has such a strong attachment to turtles. I also appreciate anyone who’s passionate about anything, especially when it comes to turtle activism. Good stuff. I appreciate her.


But really, the meat of the episode was all the recording stuff. God, I loved all of that. It was so good. It’s really cool when I’ve actually seen how they do it (not in person, obviously, but I wish) and then to see them adapt that and act it out. It’s just neat, you know? It’s exactly what the series is supposed to be.

Girl acting
(Give us more, random girl!)


I want to see how you voice act. I want to see where you voice act. I want to see what you voice act. I just want to see some voice acting shenanigans, and that’s exactly what this episode was. I’m really happy with it, and hell, turtles make everything better. It’s a fact. If you don’t agree, you’ve never had a pet turtle. I’ve never even had a turtle, and I agree. Screw you. Turtle rights!


Thank you very much for reading


Live long and prosper, my friends.

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