In the Land of Leadale Episode 6 – Bullying Everyone

In the Land of Leadale Episode 6 – Bullying Everyone

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Last episode, Cayna showed off just how awful she is with grandchildren abuse. This time, probably more.


First Impressions

Cayna's Kamehameha
(It’s an odd-looking spell, to be honest)


The story is attempting to take a more serious turn now, I think? Maybe? I don’t know. Now, apparently, Cayna’s existence can’t be known because she’s strong or something. Also, the theory is that the one behind the bandits Cayna murdered and the golems is another player. I hope so. That would be interesting.


So Cayna wanders over to the beach near the sea castle thing and straight up just finds the bandits and their demon leader there. That’s it. Horrible pacing there, honestly. She also has a new pet, Brown Dragon. It is neither brown nor a dragon. I would name it Spiky Red Dinosaur if I had it my way.


Regardless, they’re on screen for all of two seconds, just like the amount of time it takes for Cayna to get in a fight with the demon guy. He is in fact a player, that may or may not be a small child. They argue about Leadale being or not being a game. I agree with demon guy. Just because Cayna had some wacky supernatural experience doesn’t mean this is real life. But I feel like she’s implying it is. I don’t know.

Cayna about to kill the demon
(Poor fool)


But it doesn’t matter because Cayna has children to bully, which she’s quite good at. Just before she’s about to bash the demon kid’s head in, Caerina stops her and wants to do things all official with the law and stuff, but Cayan just wants to kill the guy. I don’t really care what happens to him. Kid’s probably younger than the ESRB rating says, or whatever the Japanese version is. I forgot.


But Cayan slaps a collar on him that lowers his power 90% and can’t be taken off. While it seems like an abuse of power, it’s fair, I guess. So she goes to the tower, which is a term I’m not sure the writer fully understands, meets a tsundere skeleton and grabs a mute fairy from a book, and leaves. I do believe it was a kidnapping, but I can’t be sure. Maybe it was a rescue operation. Now, if only someone would rescue Mai-Mai, because I’m fairly certain Cayna’s going to kill her too next episode.


My Thoughts

Cayan Face
(We need our weekly Cayna faces)


I liked that episode. It was good. Poorly paced, but decent. There were quite a few things I liked. Well, actually the only big thing I enjoyed was Cayna bullying the child. That’s always fun to see, in my not so humble opinion. I also like that he’s literally, like locked in jail now. Can he even log out? I think they might have Sword Art Onlined the poor demon.


It all makes me wonder about the state of this world. Like, I assumed Cayna just died and like become some isekai virus and is now living there, but I feel like she’s implying this game is now some kind of purgatory. She’s telling the poor child he’ll die in real life if he gets taken out. Messed up. Maybe he will, though. Who knows?

Cayna and fairy line face
(They make a cute pair)


Thinking back to like 20 minutes ago, that’s about all that happened, wasn’t it? I mean, I made a lot of jokes, and Cayna beat a child, but what else happened? Oh, yeah, the fairy? She’s cute. I don’t know how relevant she’ll be to anything, but she’s cute for visual humor. She basically just makes the same faces as Cayna, so we get a little peanut gallery along for the ride. Neat.


I feel like a lot was probably cut out of this arc because everything just flowed super weird. Regardless, it wasn’t bad at all, just kind of meh. That’s how the series has been as of late. Nothing crazy. Nothing offensive. It’s alright. It made me laugh once or twice. It was fine.


Thank you very much for reading


Don’t bully kids or anyone, really. That’s a joke.

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