In the Land of Leadale Episode 7 – Don’t Litter

In the Land of Leadale Episode 7 – Don’t Litter

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Last episode… what happened again? Oh, yeah, Cayna bullied a child and sent him to prison for the rest of his sad existence. I forgot.


First Impressions

So Cayna has officially solved all the bandit business, and it’s now time to move on to bigger and better things. And by “bigger and better things,” I mean something that is neither. She decides to take a quest to get some bear meat for a restaurant. 

Mye and Lonti
(The royals seem very lax in this series)


But things do get slightly more interesting. Lonti comes to Cayna with another girl named Mye, who is potentially a princess, but definitely someone important. Just like Shirou, she’s a runaway, and I’m really not sure why Lonti keeps helping these people. I don’t know what their home lives are like, but there’s probably a better way to go about this.


Regardless, they all go into the forest, eat a meal, and I’m reminded that anime will be anime when Cayna makes a bath for them in the middle of the forest. How? Beats me. I feel like that’s difficult to do, considering she built one and didn’t just make the water nearby hot. Oh, and Mye is a princess, and she’s in love with Skargo.

Big white dragon
(His design is actually kind of sick)


Cayna decides they need a nice bed to sleep on, so she summons the white dragon we’ve seen in the opening for a while now. It scares Lonti and Mye half to death, partly because it’s a freaking dragon and partly because it apparently has a big junk. I’m glad I didn’t have to see it, but I’m not glad I learned Mye has only ever seen her little brother’s and father’s before that. Why is that joke in this series? I don’t know, and I hate everything it implies. 


Some white dragon dude called Shining Saber or something shows up to the guild looking for someone, probably Cayna, but instead finds his best bud from the normal Leadale days. This means there actually are even more real people in this world. And I think my purgatory theory may actually hold some water. Anyway, Mai-Mai’s husband accidentally summons a giant Godzilla raven after littering, and the episode ends.


My Thoughts

Dragon and his bro
(How cute)


So what do I mean about my theory? It seems that Mr. Dragon Man had been in this strange Leadale for three years while the other unimportant guy was here for 10. That means that even though Leadale shut down, it’s not like everyone had the same experience. If it shut down at the same time for everyone, there’s no way that two people could be in the world that far apart in time. It means something else is the trigger for entering it.


Based on what we know now, which is admittedly little, it’s dying in the real world. Mostly because that’s the only thing we actually know that has caused it. There’s probably something else, likely playing the game close to death or something like that. Regardless, we know that something fishy is up. I just don’t know what yet.


Rest of the episode was kind of bland. I mean, the kaiju raven was neat. I don’t know how it grew from a pile of trash, but Leadale will be Leadale, I guess. I really don’t understand why there had to be a random dragon penis joke. This anime is really innocent, but it whips out some weird jokes when it wants to. I think this is two episodes in a row with some kind of genital joke. To each their own. It catches me off guard, at least.

Cayna and the spring
(The episodes are getting stranger)


What else happened? Genitals, death, and kaijus. That about sums up the episode. I don’t know what I’m calling this one. I don’t want to be too inappropriate. I have some tact. I’ll figure it out.


Thank you very much for reading


I’ll never look at dragons the same again.

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