In the Land of Leadale Episode 8 – Bird Assassin

In the Land of Leadale Episode 8 – Bird Assassin

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Last episode, we learned the dangers of littering, namely how it can destroy the world through summoning giant crow and or raven and or penguin monsters.


First Impressions

Cayna singing
(She tries her best)


So, we begin with Cayna singing, in what I guess was a cute way, before very abruptly getting interrupted by her little fairy friend, who for some reason can sense that the penguin crow raven monster is destroying the capital. After summoning a wolf that I’m pretty sure Lonti has the hots for, to the detriment of Shirou, they ride to town.


While we wait for overpowered Cayna to save the day, white dragon guy from last time, the knight guy who’s a real player, he and his friend both launch suicide attacks at the bird and talk about what bros they are. It works alright, but they’re both quite stupid for how high level they are.

Bird getting zapped
(Poor thing)


Cayna kills the bird. That’s it. I wish I was being sarcastic, but from like a hundred feet away she blasts it will magic, and it dies. The end. Poor thing never even saw its killer. She’s the bird assassin. It also dropped some ore that Cayna’s using to make a sword for, um, the dragon guy’s friend who looks like an NPC. I’m not sure why, but she wanted to.


She actually makes like the best sword in the game, and dragon man doesn’t like that. Anyway, they start to get to the good stuff. Cayna reveals she’s basically a ghost, then gets called a ghost, then gets pissed for being called a ghost. It’s what she is, so I don’t see the problem.


What’s fascinating is that Leadale shut down because of rumors going around that a girl died while playing the game. That happened six months after Cayna’s death, but the timeline is clearly very screwy. You can’t really make sense of it. So they friend request each other, get all buddy buddy, and Cayna learns about another tower in the sea.

Lit and Cayna
(I guess we were waiting for this moment)


Skargo comes in the save Cayna from these strange men, despite the fact that she one-shot a bird like yesterday. Cayna is upset, but she’s learning to be slightly less abusive, at least when it comes to the physical kind, and Skargo keeps his life. They even have tea. The episode ends with Cayna returning to her first village since being dead, and she has a reunion with Lit, I mean Lytt. The end.


My Thoughts

That episode was a mess. Like some of them are, but this was a trip, and not the vacation kind, like the boring, necessarily trip to the grocery store trip. I like Leadale, and I like the setting and the background of the world, but this series is having some problems.


Firstly, do you want to know how to make your strong character lame? Have them one shot big threats in the lamest way possible. You can have an overpowered character be cool. That’s like the main point, but let Cayna run in and have some fun with the bird thing for a minute. Show off. Look flashy. Look cool. Don’t just kill it. It’s boring.

dragon man face
(Actually the best face)


There was some stuff I liked. The stuff with the other players and Leadale’s background is awesome. It’s really cool. It’s going a lot deeper than I thought, and Cayna being the indirect cause of it is really neat. It’s just that there’s not much more going on. Make that the sole premise, not the other garbage.


I really don’t know what the point of the bird thing was. If the goal was to get Cayna back to the capital, she was already going back for the quest. They didn’t even acknowledge it afterward. It was entirely pointless, and they didn’t even use it as an excuse to make Cayna look cool. It’s one of those events that are absolutely entirely pointless to anything, and I don’t get it.

Cayna and her staff
(She’s actually less violent now)


Priorities are all over the place, and I’m not sure they really know what direction to take anything. Weird, but ok. Hopefully next one will make a little more sense.


Thank you very much for reading


The bird deserved better.

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