In the Land of Leadale Episode 9 – a Mermaid and a Ship

In the Land of Leadale Episode 9 – a Mermaid and a Ship

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Last episode was a tad bit of a disappointment. Cayna’s strong but in very uninteresting ways. Oh, and Cayna returned to her first village again to see Lytt.


First Impressions

Cayna Hungover
(She’ll do better next time for sure)


So, upon arriving back in town, everyone throws a party for Cayna, resulting in yet another hangover for her. I’m very surprised how semi-realistic this series is with an alcoholic, abusive parent that swears off drinking every other day. That might have been a bit too dark of a joke, but I’m keeping it.


Anyway, the well in town has some noise coming from it at night, so hungover Cayna decides to dive down there in her wetsuit, which is the first time we’ve seen it despite it being prevalent in the opening.


It turns out that Mimily was down there, a mermaid. Those famous well-mermaids. She’s apparently lost and every night cries herself to sleep or something singing the song of her homeland, which is what the villagers heard. Cayna being nice like she is, offers on behalf of the villagers to adopt Mimily. They do, and everyone seems very accepting of this strange well-mermaid.

A mermaid in town
(Why hello, meet my mermaid)


With that, Cayna decides she’s done enough damage and sets out to leave the village once again, being sure to keep an eye out for the mermaid village along the way. Well, that was a very short visit.


Equally as abrupt, Cayna runs into the white dragon guy that I should probably name. Good old Shining Saber. I didn’t think he would stay important. He’s a gentleman and stuff, so like a real gentleman, he offers to give Cayna a ride with them partway to her destination by forcefully grabbing her and holding her like a princess. This causes a lot of misunderstandings, but Cayna only resorts to mild violence after quite a bit of pushing. I guess that’s the way to her heart.

meal with a dragon
(More wholesome meal fun times)


Cayna has a good time hanging out with the knights and everyone. I now ship her and my dragon boy. I’d love to imagine how much more complicated that would make her family. Once they say their goodbyes, Cayna stumbles across some creepy foggy village that turns out to not only be creepy from the fog but the fact that some high-level zombies created by some player are running around.


My Thoughts

Kind of uneventful, but not really bad. This is one of those episodes where nothing interesting really happened, nor did we really move the plot forward at all. I imagine Mimily is going to be somewhat important, but if not, that was half the episode for nothing, which isn’t really a good thing. I guess we did “fight” a kaiju last time, so it’s fair.


The easy highlight was Shining Saber Dragon Man with Cayna. It’s nice to see her actually blush a bit and not react with extreme violence once in a while. Maybe she actually likes the dude or more than likely, she just tries not to abuse those she isn’t related with, probably for good reason.

It's a zombie
(Oh, no, a zambo)


I am glad the other players beside her are serving such a big role, and it looks like we’re about to meet another one next time. It’s a really good way for the series to go and keep things pretty interesting and fresh. I do like that aspect a lot, I just wish they would double or triple down on it.


You know, rather than spend half the episode on some cute mermaid. All of this does make me fairly curious how faithful this is to the original light novel because I feel like there are certain scenes that could have been cut out, but aren’t. It’s possible they just want it to be fairly faithful, which I respect.


I still don’t know what the series will really be able to end on. We have a general goal, but nothing very concrete. There’s no real threat to the world and no real end goal to be accomplished. Cayna’s only objective is to have fun and learn more about the world.

Cayna yelling
(Here’s your almost weekly Cayna face)


Fine for the exploration, but we only have a few episodes left, and I don’t really see how it could end on anything meaningful unless they start setting it up in the next episode or two. Well, I guess only time can tell. We will see, won’t we?


Thank you very much for reading


I’m rooting for you, Shining Saber.

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