In the Land of Leadale Episode 10 – Zombies and Adoption

In the Land of Leadale Episode 10 – Zombies and Adoption

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Last episode, Cayna fell in love with a dragon and met a mermaid and also a zombie. The end.


First Impressions

Cayna in zombie land
(This reminds me of Resident Evil)


We resume where we left off last episode, Cayna in this zombie town. Apparently everyone was turned into a zombie. I wonder if they’re real people or fake zombies? Who knows.


As Cayna wonders whether she’s going to burn the town down for the good of the world, she gets surprised by some mystery person, but she changes swords-blazing at them, so it’s fine.


Turns out it was the girl from the guild earlier with the dragon guy. Not Saber, the blue, forgettable one. His name used to be Tartar Sauce in the Cream Cheese guild Cayna was in, but he’s on his smurf account now, which was unfortunate timing, what with the service ending.

the three uninterested ones
(They don’t look like they care, but they do)


So dragon guy and co are here because of some quest, but they found a little girl that survived the apocalypse and wants to save her. Cayna does as well, but she’s a girl of action, so she sets off to go fight the monster causing all of this.


Because that would leave the child alone, she summons a butler that you only get for having a playtime of 10,000 hours. She has two by the way.


So they go kill some ghost skeletons, and that saves the day. That leaves the problem of what to do with the little girl. Cayna offers to take her in, and they share a sweet moment, but she’s a known abusive parent, so I’d be wary. Really cute scene, though.

Water dragon
(Pretty cool dragon design, really)


Cayna then heads down to the depths of the ocean for another “tower.” Then that’s it. She sets off with her new child. Odd direction to go, but I respect it.


My Thoughts

Well, look at us getting better episodes. Wow, Leadale, nice. You had an episode that encompassed everything good about the series. Funny, sweet, actually using its interesting setting. Good stuff, Leadale.


By far the most interesting thing the series has going for it is this whole real people meeting this dead girl in the world. I really like seeing Cayna interact with these people from her past. It’s really fun to watch, and the series does a good job with that.

Cayna, her butler, and her daughter
(Pretty damn wholesome)


To be honest, the series is pretty good at portraying these family bonds in general. Sure, Cayna’s abusive, but family is a pretty big aspect of the story at large. Look, her family just grew again, though I’m sure she’ll ditch her new daughter with Lit, I mean Lytt, shortly. First five minutes of the next episode, I bet.


The zombie thing was kind of weak, just like the resolution, but I’ve come to expect that Leadale won’t really do action. That’s fine, I just wish they’d try and do some, but the episode did most everything else decent.


There was one funny thing to note. Cayna claims not to be able to swim this episode, which I think she brought up before. Yet, last time, she swam to find the mermaid. From the comments, she meant that she couldn’t swim far enough to get to the tower, and it was poorly translated, but I think it’s funnier to imagine them just forgetting that trait.

a human, elf, and a dragon
(I like the variety in this image)


All and all, pretty good episode. Decent. Not bad. Not disappointing, but pretty average. The most Leadale episode of Leadale yet, I would say. Have a very Leadale day, readers.


Thank you very much for reading


I don’t know, go adopt kids. That’s today’s message.

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  1. darkdaemonpk2

    Hi, it’s been a while. I just watched 2 episodes of this and I really can’t say much about it. I’m kinda confused about this anime since I keep on skipping and scanning some parts but I’ll watch this properly as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing this review.

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