Cue Episode 11 – Hometown Hero

Cue Episode 11 – Hometown Hero

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Last episode was Maika’s. She learned that the world of professionals is very harsh, and they aren’t too nice either.


First Impressions

Clothing for Vogel
(That’s a lot of clothes, alright)


So, what did I call Vogel? 4chan, right? Well, 4chan can’t get any new fans besides the few people that like them. Putting aside the irony of how true that is for the actual imageboard, this means they’re going on tour to Niigata soon, which the mature one called Chisa in 4chan is from. She’s probably important this episode.


You can tell Chisa gets a little shifty when you talk about her hometown. She claims this is because she was poor at one point here, but I don’t buy it. Probably darker than that.


She doesn’t like the attention at all, especially since her hometown is small. Everyone treats her like some celebrity because for some reason, people like being from the same town as one. Hey, guess what, I’m from Earth! I’m from the same planet as all of them! Now I’m famous too!

Chisa sad
(Yeah, I understand her fears)


Cynicism aside, Chisa seems to have some kind of issues with self-worth, I would imagine, for saying things like “people like me” in derogatory ways, and we see that her older sister apparently cheered her up a lot when she was younger. But for some reason, her relationship with her family seems a little strained.


It seems like the main reason she’s freaked out is because she knows everyone in town and performing in front of people you know is that much worse, which is fair. She gets so freaked out, she throws up, gets sick, all that stuff.


Well, her older sister gets in contact with the other 3 of 4chan and gives them a recipe for a milkshake that used to calm Chisa down when she was younger. Thanks to the power of sugar, ice, and nostalgia, Chisa is ready to rumble.

The girls did it
(Hey, everything’s good in the end)


And rumble she does. She nails the live performance and shares a touching moment with everyone. Lots of tears. I let out an audible “aw.” Good times all around.


My Thoughts

Another good episode. Again, I’m surprised. You can definitely say that Cue is mediocre overall and that the execution should be better, but you really can’t fault the anime in the story department.


It always manages pretty much every episode to find a new and unique way to showcase the challenges that these VAs might face. This time, with a small-town girl making it to the big leagues and how she learns to deal with that pressure.

Vogel pose
(Nah, it’s absolutely perfect)


Again, could it have been executed a little better? Sure. Definitely could have been fleshed out more, and the solution to the problem should have been more dramatic than a damn milkshake, but it’s more the nostalgia that solved the problem. Took Chisa to a simpler time. It wasn’t about the sugar and ice as much.


For having as many characters as there are, Cue is doing really good giving each of them their chance to stand out. So much so you can actually start to get attached to some of them. I certainly didn’t think that would happen. Very good job for what this series is. Now for a rant.


What the hell is the point of a live performance for virtual idols? I don’t care if I already asked this? What person that likes Vtubers or Vidols is going to go to a live performance to see them when they’re not even in cosplay? Well, yes, the sane ones, but those aren’t the super dedicated ones.

Milkshake of power
(Don’t you ever doubt a milkshake)


The point of the virtual thing is that they are the characters. People go wild when they learn that their cute pure anime girl is a real person. But seriously, what’s the point of being virtual then? What is 4chan even doing with their characters? Just be idols!


Sorry, but I will never ever like either Vtuber culture or idol culture, and this is literally a combination of both. Don’t get me wrong, nothing against people in either group. In fact, I don’t like many of the fans because of the idols and Vtubers themselves. They have to put up with weird people.


I’m not trying to be mean, and there are a lot of good fans, but they have a lot of parasocial relationship creeps they get. The fact that some creeps think these people belong to them and, in some cases, they aren’t even able to have public relationships is the dumbest thing ever. It’s straight-up stupid in concept. Everything about it is dumb, and I will say that a million times. That needs to stop yesterday.


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