In the Land of Leadale Episode 12 – Peer Pressure

In the Land of Leadale Episode 12 – Peer Pressure

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Last episode, Cayna took her new child around and did some things. Now onto the end.


First Impressions

We start off with Cayna’s three old children having a discussion that’s probably important, but Skargo just wants to move to the village with his dear mother. It would be a reasonable wish for anyone less weird than him.

Cayna getting pressured
(Peer pressure takes many forms)


After her welcoming party, Cayna gets a hangover once again. She’s really going all-in on the bad parent thing what with the physical abuse and alcoholism. Though, it’s mostly peer pressure since she’s forced to drink and gets hungover again.


Then with all the ease of building in Minecraft, except if you were a god and could just will everything to place, Cayna builds her modern home, furniture and all, with electricity probably and stoves and everything. That’s really magic for you!


Next everyone’s relaxing in the hot spring, Cayna swears off drinking again. Really, she is the spitting image of a crappy parent, but she’s trying, I guess. Mimily says she loves this village now and doesn’t want Cayna to find the mermaid village anymore. I hate to tell her Cayna probably wouldn’t have looked that hard anyway.


As we wrap things up, Cayna thinks back on everyone she’s met. The dog man, the dragon man, Shirou, everyone. This is one of those ends where we began things, I guess. Or they just needed to fill time.

Cayna Lytt, and Luka flying
(This is good wholesome stuff)


Our last big turn of events is Cayna finally taking Lit, I mean Lytt flying, along with Luka this time, but I’m fairly certain she was just so moved by being called “mom” by her. Really wholesome ending, actually, even if almost nothing happened.


My Thoughts

I was kind of crapping on Leadale, well, kind of the whole series jokingly, but I did like it. I’ll save most of my full thoughts for the actual review, but it was nice. Overall, pretty good. Not fantastic, but pretty good. Decent, at least.

Cayna bathing with Mimily
(Enjoy your Cayna faces)


Leadale is best when it doesn’t try too hard, and it embraces the craziness and just kind of goes for it, you know? It’s about an alcoholic dead girl who took over an elf’s body abusing her children. It’s very weird.


Ever since Luka was added, though, it seemed to calm Cayna down a bit and made her a lot more likable. Seeing Cayna actually accept and take care of her new daughter was really cute, and this episode was all about that. I almost cried when she got called mom. Almost. It was so damn cute. I couldn’t help it.


But when Leadale actually tries to have some type of story, which is could have given the interesting setting, it just falls flat on its face. Horrible to nonexistent fights, no real clear goal or conflict. It’s a mess as anything but a crazy, wholesome isekai.

Cayna getting her flower crown
(This is the good stuff)


I’m glad it seems that’s the direction it was going and ended at because it’s a good one. Would I watch another season? Yes. I think a season 2 would probably be better than the first if this is how things are progressing. I think it’s really cute.


I will be reading the light novels just out of curiosity though, so we’ll see how that goes. I had a good time all around, though. I’ll see you again in the review.


Thank you very much for reading


Season 2 maybe, but probably not.

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