Best of Winter 2022 – The Very Professional Anime Awards

Best of Winter 2022 – The Very Professional Anime Awards

When one series ends, another begins, but we must look towards the past to create the future, or something deep like that. I’m just trying to say that we need to officially put a lid on Winter 2022 first.


We do this by hosting my own anime awards full of nothing but my own opinions of only the series that I’ve watched a bit of. Basically, you’ll likely disagree with almost everything here. Still, let’s get to it.


Wein the Prince
(Yeah, things go pretty quick)


I’m hitting you with a surprise here. A lot of people didn’t really like the start of Genius Prince. This first episode apparently adapted almost the entirety of the first light novel, and people didn’t like it. As an anime-only, I disagree.


I thought the pace was fantastic. Was it fast, yes, but it felt chaotic and fun like the series should. I think things slowed down a bit too much later on. If the entire series was like that first episode, I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more, to be honest.

Boji and Kage
(We will be Ranking the Kings no more)


I’m doing what I don’t like to do just because I  have to. Ranking of Kings gets it. Its finale aired in Winter, so I can say it, ok? It was perfect. Go watch the series. Go do it.

Shuta Being a Hero
(Lot to love about the series, really)


This one’s kind of a weird pick. Tokyo 24th Ward was, overall, pretty good. It had some decently unique kind of meh art, really good music for the most part, and not a bad story to begin with. The story was the highlight.


With that being said, it certainly feels like aspects of this show were rushed, resulting in not everything about this interesting world being super fleshed out, possibly because CloverWorks did too many series this season, and 24th Ward was the outlier.


Still, what it did have was enough to keep me invested for the whole thing, and I kind of did like the ending, too—at least certain parts about it.

Everyone in Cue
(Better characters than you’d think)


This is my award show, and I’ll put whatever I want here. Cue is a surprisingly good series for seeming and looking so damn generic. While it seems like a lot at first, you very quickly get attached to most of these VAs as they follow their dreams.


I watched it at first because I wanted to learn more about the world of voice acting, and Cue has done not only that but has also opened my eyes to all of the different jobs and ways a VA can pursue that career. It’s made me think a lot, and I’ve had a great time doing it.

Wein's Little Dude
(He was a fun character)


Like you’ll notice with a lot of these, my opinion wins out in the end because this isn’t an actual professional award show, despite the title. That’s my main reason for giving Wein Arbalest best boy.


The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt was very ok. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. I imagine the light novels are far better. What was still great, though, was Wein. He makes the entire series.


He could be throwing a fit about all of his plans going wrong, being a general crybaby, or he could be manipulative to get what he wants, or just be a badass when needed. He’s a bit of everything, and it makes for a character that won’t only make you laugh but one you’ll actively root for.


I kind of wanted it to also go to Gojo from Dress-Up Darling, but you’ll see why I didn’t next winner. All and all, Wein is fun and helps make the series really enjoyable.

Marin Blush
(Like there’s anybody else)


I really don’t think there was any possible room for debate in this category. Everyone loves Marin Kitagawa. She’s wholesome, she’s accepting of everyone, she’s kind, and she cosplays. Of course, the community will lose it over her.


I really like characters like these because it makes my job easier. With that being said, Marin is a really well-written and enjoyable character, just as the whole show of My Dress-Up Darling is. I don’t think anyone was really expecting as good of an adaptation as we got, but hey, as the romance guy, I’ll take it.

Marin and Gojo love
(They’re just well-written cuties)


I will use this category to throw another one to Dress-Up Darling, though. Romance, probably more than any other genre, except maybe slice of life, heavily relies on good characters. It’s what makes or breaks them, and since I love characters above all else, it’s no surprise I like them.


I talked about Marin. I talked about Gojo. Go read those posts. They’re both phenomenal characters in an even more wholesome relationship, but really all the characters in Dress-Up Darling are great.


There are not many main ones, but that just gives each more time. Every character has their own struggles they overcome, and all are likable in their own ways. Not much more to say. Really good cast for a really good series. Go watch it.

Sasaki and Miyano moment
(Maybe don’t choke, but it is cute)


I’m pulling a bit of an unexpected one here, I know. BL is not typically for me. I don’t fall under any group that usually enjoys it, and it’s often not to my taste. It pretty much never is.


Sasaki and Miyano, a BL about liking BL, on the other hand, is my taste. Why? Because it’s cute and wholesome. BL has a reputation of being pretty…intense sometimes, which pushes even more people away from the genre than it will already do inherently.


Sasaki and Miyano shows that the genre can do much more than that subset and that love is love, and wholesome love is adorable and good either way.

Akebi and sakura blossoms
(Beautiful art, but a weird one)


This one was hard. I’m deferring to Akebi because I actually watched it, but Demon Slayer has always had stupendous art, so put the award there if you want.


Akebi was weird. I can’t say I particularly liked it, as I don’t care for slice of life all that much, nor do I have a thing for feet, but I do appreciate the care CloverWorks put in. It has fluent animations and downright stunning shots at times that are also pretty damn faithful to the manga. Good job, Akebi.

Tokyo 24th Ward Opening
(I would say more like fire sky)


Paper Sky from Tokyo 24th Ward is really good, which is even more of a reason that it’s sad so many slept on this show this season. Give it a listen, it’s great.

Dress Up Darling Ending
(Don’t you just want to smile too?)


I really liked the cute art and music in Dress-Up Darling, even know I’m well aware the visuals were fairly simple. Again, I can’t describe music well. Go listen to it.

Koki Slaps
(Some of the beats slap)


No soundtrack really stood out to me, so I’m throwing this also to Tokyo 24th Ward for having the most music I noticed.

Cayna and the maid, the mer kind
(It was interesting, I suppose)


I’ve gone on record saying I didn’t really love In the Land of Leadale, despite doing episode reviews for it. It wasn’t bad, and it got better towards the end, but it was, you guessed it, disappointing.


A girl suddenly dying in a hospital and having her consciousness implanted in the game she was playing sounds neat. Having Cayna (who is basically a ghost) meet other real players and explore this changed version of Leadale is also cool.


But the series does nothing with this setting at all and turns it into a very generic slice of lifey Isekai with nothing all that special to it. If anything, I guess I haven’t seen many where the MC has children, so that’s neat.

Wise man once said something
(Had to try and put this here)


That thing where I picked the lowest-rated anime on MAL got old, so instead, I’ll tell you what I liked the least. That doesn’t mean it was bad. I just didn’t enjoy it that much. Saying it’s the worst is for dramatic effect.


She Professed herself Pupil of the Wise Man, despite having a decent name, is pretty generic. Bad to generic. About the most Isekai Isekai that has ever Isekaid, even in a season with a lot of Isekaiy Isekais, you know?


It’s just so purely uninteresting in every single way possible. The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest is also like this, but it’s at least mostly coherent in its story, unlike this. So, yeah. Not great.

Eren the Antagonist
(What a great character that even transcends the meaning of words)


Despite not watching Attack on Titan, I just have to include Eren for one simple reason: he’s one of the best protagonists/antagonists that has ever existed practically ever, am I right? I can’t wait for Attack on Titan the Final Final Season: The Final Part: Final.



Akebi’s Sailor Uniform: 1

Attack on Titan: 1

Cue: 1

In the Land of Leadale: 1

Ranking of Kings: 1

Sasaki and Miyano: 1

She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man: 1

Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt: 2

Tokyo 24th Ward: 3

Dress Up Darling: 3


Gojo and his Dolls
(It was just really solid)


This one wasn’t that hard. I didn’t watch as many seasonals as I would have liked to this time around, so I’m sure there were some other good ones, but the only two that really stood out were Tokyo 24th Ward and Dress-Up Darling. Unfortunately, the former wasn’t quite what it could have been.


Dress-Up Darling on the other hand was fantastic. It knew exactly what it had to do from beginning to end, went out there, and made an amazing adaptation that elevated the manga quite a bit from what I heard.


I loved it, most people loved it, and everyone should love Gojo and I’m tired of people making fun of my poor, sensitive boy.


I’ll see you next season for more cool stuff. And the season after that, Summer, I’ll have even more cool stuff to show you, but that’s for then.


Thank you very much for reading



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