Cue Episode 12 – Finding Your Voice

Cue Episode 12 – Finding Your Voice

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Last episode, we saw what fame looks like in a small town and learned the power of a good milkshake!


First Impressions

Tsubaki tired
(More voice acting)


We start with the main main girls recording episode 11 of Bloom Ball and learn that the first episode is airing in a few days. I wonder if that’s an accurate timeline for real anime? It probably varies, but I’m assuming some work out like that. Voicing is a fairly simple part of the process.


So Haruna actually has a voice role for a girl named Momomi, which was a character called student A in episode 1. It’s a whole thing. Point is she’s kind of important now.

Momomi and Tsubaki
(Suddenly Momomi)


Momomi is an important friend to Tsubaki, so Haruna’s Momomi is a friend to Maika’s Tsubaki. So they’re like double friends or something. Also, I read the subtitles wrong and thought Momomi caused Tsubaki to become a terrorist, but it was a theorist. My bad. I can’t keep both Bloom Ball lore and Cue lore straight in my head.


The next bit is dedicated to recording the Bloom Ball finale. Not much happens, but Haruna does get her line, which is neat. Then they hand out sketches to all of the voice actors of the characters they played. I really hope that actually happens in real life. It’s so wholesome. I wish people were actually that nice.

Momomi sketch
(I really hope it’s mandatory every VA gets something like this)


In more wholesomeness, Haruna gets her Momomi sketch straight from the author and artist herself. She cries, and they hug. I might have cried, but I didn’t have anything around me to hug.


We end with the whole AiRBLUE gang watching the first episode together. Really cute stuff. Just a lot of pure happiness, and it’s nice to see, and the anime actually did a good job capturing some of the emotions I imagine real people would be going through during this.


My Thoughts

That was an almost criminally wholesome episode. It was really cute. A lot of these have been more serious, focusing on the struggles these VAs have. This one was just like, “no, let’s show how happy people can be.”

Bloom Ball watch party
(How many can you name? I can name like six)


No drama, no struggles, no trying to make it in the world of voice acting. Just joy, unexpected opportunities, and general wholesomeness. It’s really nice once in a while. 


This felt very much like the end of the series, but it’s obviously not. It’s only the halfway point. It’s funny because the next episode has season 2 in the name, but it’s still season 1, but there might be a season 2 of Bloom Ball or something. It’s like a joke. They pulled a funny.


It’s funny. I saw people in the Crunchyroll comments asking when this series got good. People apparently liked this episode. Hello, I’ve been saying it was good since the beginning!

Bloom Ball manga
(Fake manga is best manga)


It’s probably not the best series to do something like this, but it’s nice to see. It does a good job with having so many damn characters. They’re all likable enough.


Haruna is finally getting a chance to shine, but I will say I don’t think they’ve done a great job with her. Haruna is ironically the character that has gotten the least time despite being the main main main character, you know?

Bloom Ball anime
(I like how the fake anime looks better than the real one)


Her whole arc here felt a little more forced than the other. She just has a dream to voice that one anime. She doesn’t really have any drive or motivations or anything interesting. She’s not even a walking trope.


Hopefully, with the next half of Cue here, we continue to flesh Haruna and some of the other characters out. For 12 episodes of some random voice-acting anime that looked mediocre, it’s actually pretty good.


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