Cue Episode 15 – Project Himmel

Cue Episode 15 – Project Himmel

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Last episode, we saw the radio show girls do something you should never ever do. Don’t go meet strangers from the web at strange abandoned buildings, people.


My Thoughts

Sleeping Mei
(Sleep is for the weak, though)


Not a whole lot at the start, at least not compared to last time. Instead of creeps, we just got some exposition on a lot of the characters, really. Mei, the maid girl, sleeps late because she games all night. Vogel is upset their stuff may be shutting down. It obviously won’t be, but I was too busy telling you not to follow the advice to mention that that was happening last time. I’m just surprised how respectful they are towards everyone’s schedules and quirks—good group of girls.


So Vogel is ending, but it will now be called project Himmel and have way more members. Good thing we have more girls to spare. Leftovers is volunteered by the new member I forgot the name of. I want to call her the dumb one, but that’s kind of mean, so I’ll call her the cheerful one. Some are happy, some are not, especially since they were volunteered by someone else.

The new girls
(At least they do release them in groups)


But for real, can we talk about how dumb this company is? I don’t know how long Vogel has been a thing, but if they really have “bore fruit,” as they said, why would they immediately think it’s a good idea to not only add more members but to increase it by 12? Just add one or two, and see how it goes. Or just earn money for a bit. You don’t just take off into the sky immediately like that. They’re going to go bankrupt or something.


So Satori, the glasses girl who I need to name now since she’s important again, is the daughter of an already famous voice actress. She doesn’t really tell people this, for I feel pretty obvious reasons, but it’s even more obvious when she turns down a role alongside her in an anime movie. You don’t want to mooch off of somebody else, especially your parents. She doesn’t want to be the daughter of a VA. She wants to be her own. That’s what I imagine, at least.


After this, Satori, a horrible creature of habit down to counting her footsteps, begins to crack and start doing things differently. How that’s related to her mother, I don’t know, but variety is the spice of life, as someone once said. That person was smarter than me because I wasn’t quite right on the Satori thing. It’s more that she sees her mother as a fellow voice actor and rival, and playing a role alongside her will show the glaring difference in their skill. Still makes sense, and I was close enough.

Young Satori
(Have a wholesome childhood Satori smile)


Mei solves everything just by making Satori admit the truth. That’s usually the first step, not the whole process, but we only have 20 minutes, so I’ll take it. Satori seems to at least understand her mother better now, and they have a cool rivalry to look forward to. Actually, a pretty neat direction to take things, again, but I feel like it won’t be brought up outside of this episode. Each character gets their one-off, I think.


The leftovers officially join Vogel too, and, yes, I’m going to keep calling it that. There are so many things to keep track of. I call everything and everyone another name anyway. But we don’t really see them do much because the last bit is them doing Bloom Ball stuff also as a team, because that apparently happens in the VA world, I guess. Maybe it does. I wouldn’t know.


It’s so strange that they didn’t mention anything about the last episode at all this time, despite how weird it was. They just wrote it off completely. I’m very curious to see where that goes, but I guess we need to spread the love evenly. I don’t even remember seeing the radio show girls, so maybe they did get kidnapped or something, and this is an alternate timeline. Maybe we split off somewhere. I don’t know. Nobody does. I don’t think the writers knew what anything that happened was last time.

new himmel girls
(Yup, now there’s more)


Regardless, this was another very “Cue” episode. Cute, wholesome, surprisingly deep, and showing another facet of being a voice actor. Really good stuff and I look forward to seeing even more weird events. Just hope nothing too creepy.


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