Remember to Respect Healers

Remember to Respect Healers

What does that odd title mean? It means exactly what you think. Respect those whose job it is to keep your sorry existence alive and breathing. If you want to get super serious, then, yes, respect doctors, nurses, everything in between, but we’re not talking about that today. We’re talking about healers in the fantasy sense, specifically about an anime airing this season.

Healer Girl
(No, not that one)


No, I’m not talking about Healer Girl, though that is also an anime this season with “healer” in the title. While you’re here, you should definitely watch that, though. It’s basically a broadway musical in anime form, complete with beautiful songs and some really good animation sprinkled in. It’s honestly a shock, and I may talk about it on its own at some point down the road. Regardless, we have more important things to do.


A musical? No. We have far more important things to discuss. We need to talk about a real plague…well, plaguing our society! Something so big that if not snuffed out now, it will mean the deaths of thousands, and it’s all on our hands. You, yes you, person I don’t know reading this, you need to respect your healers now before it’s too late.

Karla watching Alvin
(No context needed)


In a fantasy RPG setting, or a real equivalent, an MMO, who are the most important classes? Say it. I’ll wait. Well, yes, DPS is important, and so is the tank, I suppose, but do you know most of those are useless without? That’s right, a healer. If you mess up, Mr. and or Ms. and or whoever you are, who’s going to be there to help? That’s right a healer. Nobody’s perfect, and it’s a healer’s job to help you out when you realize the cold hard truth. You’re useless by yourself! Ok, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but it’s mostly true.


Now, what do you think happens when you don’t respect your healer? You get a series like Don’t Hurt Me, My Healer! Karla, our healer whom we don’t want to hurt us, is tired of the disrespect and entitlement of our friend Alvin, a knight. He expects healing. He just assumes Karla has to save him from death. News flash: she doesn’t. She has no reason to save this dude from a bear! Why should she? Ask nicely, and maybe you can earn the blessing of a healer!

Karla and the Bear
(This is part of the healing process)


Ok, are we tired of that bit? I am. For real, this series is basically if a healer in an MMO realized how important they are, and instead of being sweet, kind people, turned into a total menace, willing to watch people die just to prove a point. In fact, instead of healing the guy getting mauled by a bear, Karla places a curse on Alvin, making it, so he’ll die if they don’t stay together—a great way to start every relationship, children.


That’s really about the only setup the story has. It’s a comedy, so your enjoyment is pretty heavily reliant on that. If you don’t like the dynamic of high and mighty elf won’t heal loud mouth stupid guy, then you probably won’t like the series very much. If that sounds funny, or if you like the idea of fantasy humor mixed in with that dynamic, you’ll probably get a good few laughs. I love loud annoying people yelling at each other. It’s one of my favorite genres of comedy, so that has me pretty hooked.


You also have the fact that I’m horribly addicted to Guild Wars 2 now, so anything somewhat MMO-related like a healer will instantly have me adding my own fun to it. So beyond the normal enjoyment my potato brain gets from seeing people scream stupidly at each other, I also get a lot of personal enjoyment out it too, so it’s pretty much the perfect storm.

Alvin and Karla
(They get along fine)


So all I really have to say is to respect your healers. Is Karla a little harsh? Yes, but Alvin was kinda a dick, so if he would have bowed down to the might of someone being the important class everyone finds boring, then he would have gotten that healing, and his face might not look quite as screwed up anymore. It’s his fault, really.


So if you don’t want a screwy face or to get attacked by a talking bear, or be tied to an elf through your cursed soul or something, remember, be it anime, MMO, or real life, respect your healers. They’re always there to pick you back up, quite literally depending on the game.


Thank you very much for reading


Or just don’t get hurt, I guess.

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  1. darkdaemonpk2

    Healers are important as well. I don’t think I’ve played MMORPGS ever but there was a game on the PS2 called Disgaea: Hour of Darkness where you can create characters of different classes. What is great about this game is that you can create a mage, then transmigrate it to a different class while still carrying its wide array of offensive magic spells to any class, in which I changed my mage to a healer.

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