I’m Bored, So I Wrote This Post

I’m Bored, So I Wrote This Post

The title says everything for this one. I’m currently (was) in the waiting room at the ER, as I have been for a few hours. I don’t have anything to do, so I’m writing this on my phone.


Now I know when you hear ER, that sounds bad, but you need to remember that I’m still able to be sarcastic and write this, so I’ve been worse. Basically, an infection in my tooth is spreading in my mouth, and my face keeps swelling. Bad, but I’m not dead or anything, nor will I be anytime soon. (I’m fine right now, by the way. I just ate.)


But I’m really bored, and I wanted to write something in the meantime. What? I don’t know. Should I steal content? Nah. I’m trying to think as I’m typing this. Uh, oh, I got it. Why don’t we look at some of my MAL ratings and see if I agree with them still? Sure. I make the rules here.


The Worst

You’ll have to excuse the scoffed nature of this. I’m not on my laptop. I may clean this up when I am. (I am, and I did.)


So I have a few series rated fairly low on MAL. Lowest is rated 3, by the way. I don’t give out super low scores usually.

Blonde anime girl patting embarrassed girl's head
(Yeah, this one was underwhelming)


Girlfriend Beta, as you see above, if I remember to get a picture, was boring. That’s why I gave it so low. It was a slice of life where you watched a bunch of girls, except those girls had as much personality as the stool across from me, and the plot was actually nonexistent.


I’m not too harsh because I realize it wasn’t horrible, just unbelievably bland. That’s a trend with my scores. I don’t think any of my low series are necessarily bad. Just boring.

Black haired anime boy and his group of girls
(This one was very boring)


Take Death March to the Parallel World, for example. Is it bad? I wouldn’t say so. Is it good? Oh, hell, no, it kinda sucks, but it’s just boring. People point to smartphone isekai as the worse, but Death March doesn’t even have a gimmick. Just bland Isekai.


I also have Seiken Tsukai no World Break at 3. I forgot the English name. Pretty much Deus Ex Machina the anime. If that’s the one I’m thinking of. Also, have the horrible Deen Blade Works and awful first DBZ movie. And Testament Sister Devil, whatever it’s called. I’d give that lower, but it’s fairly standard ecchi, just a little worse.


The Highest!

Anime Boy and his young daughter in a field of flowers
(Sorry for the tears)


Most of these series I’ve talked about before. Sakurasou, Devil is a Part-Timer, Clannad After Story, Gosick, Amagi Brilliant Park, Your Name, Ranking of Kings, and Bunny Girl Senpai.


I haven’t talked about all of these, but I have for quite a few. They’re all my 10s, by the way. Also, Toradora should have been there too.


I don’t know. Let’s talk about Ranking of Kings, I guess. I did promise to review that at some point, and I still haven’t. Why not now?

Little boy pointing up to the air
(I still love my boy)


So Ranking of Kings is pretty great. I loved it a lot. The story isn’t anything you haven’t seen before, really. It’s an underdog story. Boji, the little deaf prince, must overcome all odds to become the king he was always meant to be.


He must overcome his own roadblocks, as well as his enemies and family (sometimes the same people) who all look down on him just for being who he is. Nobody believes in the little deaf boy. That’s basically it.


While it isn’t entirely unique, it’s done in a fantastic way. It nails that plot. You will care about Boji more one episode in than most characters through their whole series’ runtime. Hell, the same is true for most characters.


I joked about it before, but it was true. I cried every episode. You just care about these people so much, and every single character and scene is so emotionally charged. Of course, the plot helps, but I’m sure the unique art is one of the reasons.


Ranking of Kings looks like no other series I’ve ever seen. It starts to look closer to something you might see over in the West, not an anime from Japan. It’s amazing. Sorry, but that’s all you’re getting from my ramblings now. It’s good. (Sorry, two hours ago me, but that wasn’t a review.)


I’m probably going to end whatever the hell this post was here. Again, formatting will be all over the place since this is on my phone, but I thought it’d be fun to kill some time with this. I’ll clean it up when I get to my laptop.  (Again, I’m on my laptop before you’re even seeing this now.)


Thank you very much for reading

I don’t know what the hell this was, but it sucked. Though, that was kind of the point. It’s authentic.

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  1. darkdaemonpk2

    Dangit… Whenever I remember Clannad, it reminds me of an drama anime where I do not find it sad to the point I will cry. On the contrary, I find Clannad’s drama to be either laughable or frustrating. Allow me to explain: Ushio’s health has been declining for weeks, and she wants to still go outside and have a trip to whatever the hell that she wants to go to despite it being snowy and cold. You agreed and both of you died because pneumonia. Was that even dramatic in the first place? Sorry, but that scene just made me really mad instead of bawling my eyes out with tears.

    1. I could see that. To me, it feels more like she’s going to go soon anyway, so this is one last thing to make her happy, but it does feel very dramatic. I will say that what got me after realizing it, even more, is that it’s speculated Tomoya apparently gets taken out by a broken heart at the end, which while, again dramatic, does feel like a fitting conclusion for someone who suffered so much pain.

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