Cue Episode 18 – Together Forever

Cue Episode 18 – Together Forever

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Last episode, we met Thunder Woman and learned about the concept of perfection. Thought it was important to remind you of the lore.


My Thoughts

Mei Sleeping in bed
(This is a mood, to be honest)


So this time is the Mei episode, and right off the bat, we learn a lot about her. I can’t remember if it was mentioned before, but she and Rie were childhood friends. What’s shocking about this is that either Rie also wore a colored contact as a child, or she actually has heterochromia and isn’t just a chunni, after all. It seems like they would be unlikely friends, but as someone with a similar temperament to Mei, we kind of need someone annoyingly high energy to balance out.


Because Mei is a little…quiet and comes off short and kind of rude, it makes things a little awkward during her recordings. She’s good at her job, better than most, but because she’s not overly friendly, it makes the situation a little weird. Thank you for describing my entire work life, Cue. Anyway, this causes some infighting, but nothing major because there’s too much plot to get through for arguments to run long.


The biggest drop is that Mei is only a voice actress because it’s something Rie wanted to do. As someone like Mei, again, I do get the desire to follow the person who does what you cannot. I get that. Even if Mei never says it, she probably looks up to Rie a lot, not only for being a good friend when not a lot of people are but for being someone who is essentially the opposite of her in every way. Of course, you’ll want to chase that light, but still, having your own goals in life separate from anyone else is important too.


The main thing is that you don’t cripple yourself by chasing someone else or, in turn, try to hold them back. If Rie and Mei really want to be together forever like they promised as kids, that’s exactly what’s going to happen, regardless of if they both go down the VA route or not. Just, you know, don’t live your entire life for someone else. That’s pretty unhealthy, and you need a reason to live outside of that. Anyway, that’s reading way too into it, but I have personal thoughts on it.

Rie taking care of sick Mei
(This is most of the episode, really)


Basically, this episode devolves to Rie and crew just taking care of Mei while she’s sick and has flashbacks to her and Rie as kids. It’s not the most interesting to watch, especially for getting pictures, but it’s a good episode expanding on some of the characters and gives us yet another weird thought or scenario to mull over, which Cue does pretty much every single episode at this point.


With the power of friendship and a good night’s sleep, Mei recovers quickly, which is good since they have their weird virtual idol, but not virtual idol since they show up as their regular selves yet market the characters debut. Basically, they’re going to get on stage and sing. I’ll pick apart the virtual idol thing because it makes literally no sense to me. Why have the characters? The real people are literally right there. It’s like the characters are just promotional art, which, again, just draw the actual people. 


They go out and sing and do good, as you’d expect. I don’t think the series would throw us too big of a curveball there. We’re really getting close to the end now. Only six episodes left to go. I think we’ve been through pretty much every character at this point, so we need to probably steer things away from the idol stuff soon and figure out a good way to end things. As much as I think people are sleeping on this series, it’s not getting another season ever, so I want them to put a nice little bow on it.

The leftover crew as idols
(Yes, because this makes sense)


It’s given me something fascinating to think about every week and taught me some more about the voice acting world, so really, it’s been a pretty good series to review the last two seasons. I’ll honestly be pretty sad when it’s gone, but we still got a bit more to go. I’ll have the next review out sooner since I missed one last week.


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