Cue Episode 19 – Three Little Pigs

Cue Episode 19 – Three Little Pigs

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Last episode, we learned a lot more about Mei and pretty much stayed in a bedroom the whole time.


My Thoughts

Even more idols
(Just what we needed, 16 more characters!)


We begin this episode of Cue with something big. Some contract is being signed for “the girls,” which doesn’t narrow it down since there are like 16 of them. All we know is something big is happening, which is probably going to come into play for these last few episodes since we do need to end things at some point.


The big reveal happens almost too quickly, really, and it’s not even that big. Basically, the new virtual idol project announced that they’re adding eight new members, so now all the girls will be in it. Again, it seems kind of weird to do something like that, but I’m no marketing genius. They have plenty of variety for more fans, I suppose, but the concept is still incredibly odd to me, and it’s even weirder how big of a role this plays in the series now.

Rie staring at an oven
(You must be one with the oven)


Rie, who is honestly my favorite character and one of the best written at this point, is appointed “leader” of their group, which really means nothing, but as I would do in a similar situation, she worries about it endlessly. She can’t help but think and lose sleep over wondering how she can be a good leader, even when nobody else is actually thinking about it. She might not realize it, but she’s naturally doing things to pull them forward without trying. It’s when she thinks that she fails. Just don’t think.


That’s easier said than done, though, because Rinne, who’s the dumb one of the group for lack of a better term, agrees to do a play for these little kids in a few days. The problem is they have a very busy week, so no sane group would accept, especially from a bunch of toddlers that can only offer lollipops or something as payment.


But Rie thinks this is the perfect time to become a bad, I mean good, leader and say that they can do everything because they’ll find a way. Yeah, maybe she shouldn’t be their leader, but you have to commend her blind spunk. We then do a cute little montage of all these problems that arise and how Rie manages to stay calm and boss everyone around to get the job done, showing she’s a great leader after all.

Rie as a Lion
(Now this looks like a leader)


She’s definitely been the official unofficial leader to this point, but I really don’t think they needed to hammer it in so much. It’s been clear that she’s the doer of the group from previous episodes. Anyway, with the chunni’s guidance, we finally get the stage play on the road. What is it? Well, the three little pigs. The perfect story to show a bunch of young children if the tears being shed out of fear was any indication.


Yeah, maybe a story where the villain actively tries to eat and murder the main cast wasn’t such a good idea in the end, but everyone seems to have a good time, and Rie’s faith in herself as a leader is restored. It all ends well for everyone involved. Well, except their pockets, because I doubt the daycare or whatever pays them. 


This episode was actually pretty good, just a little all over the place again, which usually happens. All the plots in this anime are usually contained in one episode, which often leads to that. That being said, this one did it pretty well. It had a story it wanted to tell and some character development that needed done, and it went out and did it pretty smoothly.

The three little pigs
(Sure, this was important)


Do I think an episode like this is necessary when we only have like five more episodes in the series? No. This episode really didn’t add much of anything to the overall plot. Pretty much all it did was show Rie as the leader of her group, which, again, other episodes already did before. We didn’t even see their idol debut, it was just mentioned, and that was it. It was a decent episode as its own self-contained thing but pretty pointless, especially so far into it.


My only real hope is that we wrap things up pretty soon or begin to, so we can actually have a nice ending on this surprisingly good series. A lot of things have been covered. We just need a good ending and to give Haruna a bit more love before we go, preferably in that ending. With time we will see.


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