Cue Episode 20 – Misunderstandings

Cue Episode 20 – Misunderstandings

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Last episode, we had some useless stuff and the three little pigs for some reason.


My Thoughts

Adventuring time
(Yeah, this is a thing)


We start with the group that I don’t remember if they have a catchy name like leftovers, but you know, the radio show ones with no self-preservation. They’re all chatting about places they’d like to go, and Miharu says Vienna because apparently, she’s into music. I don’t remember if that was said, but I’m sure I forgot because there are like 16 characters. How this is important, I don’t know.


Honestly, things have gotten all over the place as of late. Like, yeah, there’s a lot going on, I know, but they focus on odd points, again. Like we learn that Boken Survivors is apparently doing good. The weird 3D anime/talk show thing. People like it so much they watch it to fall asleep, but I feel like that’s a bad thing. Vogel, or Himmel, or whatever the idol thing is now called, is still progressing. Life is on the up and up until Miharu decides she’s going to Austria for a piano exchange thing. Why now? I don’t know. Why are they pulling this plot point out of nowhere? I don’t know. We’ll probably find out, though.

Sleeping with tv
(What a setup there)


The other three learn about this from some eavesdropping, and all have varied reactions. Some, like Aya, is very childish all of a sudden and doesn’t want her to go. Well, they all don’t want that because they now realize how important she is to their team, and she’s the one pushing them forward. I will say this is an interesting scenario again, even if it came out of nowhere.


Personally, It may be childish not to want her to go, but I feel like it’s validated. It’s incredibly selfish of Miharu to go, really. Yes, it’s selfish to hold her back, but they’re a team that does everything together and got recognized for that. By her just peacing out to do what she wants, she’s basically leaving everyone else back to fail, all for her own future. I’m sure the twist is something along the lines of her only being gone for a few weeks or something like that, but she’s far more selfish overall if things go the way everyone thinks. A little childishness is fine here.


Ok, maybe they’re a little too childish. I didn’t tell them to confront her about it live on their radio show, ok? It wasn’t me. But that’s what they do. It was awkward. They probably weirded everyone out, I’m sure. Miharu decided the best thing to do was play a song that meant a lot to her on the piano and make everyone cry. Also, on air. Well, I’m sure some people appreciate the authenticity. Usually, when people forget to turn their stream or podcast off, much creepier things happen, so we’ll take it.

Miharu long distance
(Whoa, computers are a thing)


Then, in the most unexpected twist of all time nobody could have predicted, there was a misunderstanding, and Miharu is only going for a month. Roll the credits. Give me that ba dum tss. But, hey, with the power of the internet, they can still do the show long-distance because, yes, that’s how these things work. Why are they savvy enough to have a live radio show and not know that?


Anyway, that was an episode, alright. Another entirely pointless one. It’s like Cue suddenly decided to go into its filler arc right at the end here instead of wrapping up like any of the stuff. The idol stuff is still up in the air, and Haruna has become nonexistent despite being the most main of the main characters at the beginning. You just forget she’s there half the time.


There are only a few episodes left, and I really don’t think they’re going to be able to give us any kind of decent conclusion with how all over the place things still are. They really need to ditch the one-episode plots and start wrapping things up in a meaningful way soon, or else there might be some issues. It will still go down as a surprisingly good series for what it is, though.


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