In Pursuit of Perfection (Update Post)

In Pursuit of Perfection (Update Post)

I don’t believe in the concept of perfection at all. I don’t think anyone or anything in this world exists that is actually perfect in every way. The most I think you can get to perfection is where someone or something’s flaws are also endearing to you to where you begin to find the imperfections to be good things, which then gets you pretty close to perfection, but you’d still probably find one or two things wrong.

Anime Girl Looking Sad
(Yes, I’m not always positive)


Perhaps it’s the pessimist in me, but I don’t think you’ll ever actually find or become perfection. I think that’s a fruitless endeavor. However, what isn’t fruitless is the endeavor to that fruitless endeavor. One thing common trait you see among many great and talented people is that they are always trying to be better and are often pretty hard on themselves. They want and desire to become perfect drives us to become better as a result. We just need to accept that we’ll likely never be perfect and realize that’s ok. So why am I saying this crazy stuff?


Because I also try to perfect stuff all the time, especially related to the website and my interests. I know. Can you believe this is something I work on a lot? Sad, right? Anyways, the website has gone through quite a few changes and iterations since the beginning, but I do believe it’s gotten ever so slightly better with each one. Recently, there’s been some smaller changes. A font change I like that nobody noticed probably, and a new background that looks a little better and easier to read on, I think. But we have had a big one.

Black hair anime girl refusing
(I just can’t show you, I’m sorry. Just look at the header on the site)


Normally, with the way I write these posts, that image above would have been the thing I’m talking about, but it’s not for reasons. Just scroll up to the top header and look. If you’re on the WordPress reader, click this. If you’re on mobile, I’m working on making it work. I’m just busy now. That beautiful work of art was made by one of my favorite artists (if you couldn’t tell from my retweets) and a really good friend of mine, Noraneko Games! You can check her art out on Twitter and where she mostly posts it.


I’ve talked about her before, first when I tried to make that visual novel a while ago, but she’s a super sweet, talented person with a heart of gold that makes free-to-use assets for everyone (so long as you follow her very fair and simple rules.) You also might remember her as being the one who made Fuki-chan, the site’s mascot girl who was present in the old header and is now really present in the new one!


It bothered me that I didn’t really solidify her in a big way on the site, and making a special header seemed a good way to not only get the blog looking good with beautiful artwork but also change things up throughout the year, which this amazing summer-themed header of Fuki, just in time for the summer anime season. I figured it’d be a good idea since seasons are so important for anime. I mean, I can’t stand summer and heat, but this art makes me reconsider. Ah, not really, but it is great.

Anime Characters bowing
(Thank you so much for your time)


I don’t plan to make one of these update posts every time something like this happens, but I’m doing it now to tell you that you can also download the full background if you wish. Under a few conditions, of course, which you can read about where you get the wallpapers, you could have this lovely image drawn by an even lovelier person on your desktop


This wasn’t even my idea. I was just going to have the background made for my own enjoyment and make part of it the site’s header, but Nora had mentioned making it downloadable to others, and I thought that was a great idea. Might as well spread it around, you know? It’s also on-brand for her with the free stuff, so it works out great. So on that header, you’ll find a link to a page where you can download any and all of these free backgrounds that we do in the future. If Nora is doing it, you can count on them being beautiful, warm, full of passion, and super high resolution, so you’ll like it. And, hey, maybe we’ll get more artists doing stuff as well. I don’t know, but what I do know is that they will all be by nice people. That’s my promise.


As a last note, please check out and support this very hardworking friend of mine. If you’d do one thing for me, let it be that, ok? You can find a bunch of her links on my credits page, but I’ll also link some here.

Nora’s Twitter


Support any and all of those, please.


Thank you very much for reading

I’ll tell you something Nora would want me to tell you here. Make sure you do a good thing for someone today, even if that’s for yourself, ok?

Follow, like, and show support. It means a lot.

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  1. darkdaemonpk2

    In my experience, being perfect in any craft you are practicing means that you will not make any mistakes. But then again, if a person is perfect any any way possible, I believe that person would not be able to improve anymore rendering his perfection stagnant and futile. I think aiming for perfection is a strong motivation to improve one’s self but if it gets out of hand, then it could lead to an unhealthy obsession that could ultimately lead to that person’s destruction. In my opinion, we cannot be perfect, only be near perfect.

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