Cue Episode 21 – The Bird That Can’t Fly

Cue Episode 21 – The Bird That Can’t Fly

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Last episode, we had some misunderstandings and more delaying important stuff.


My Thoughts

Anime Girl With Brown Hair Looking Tired
(Don’t overwork yourself if you can avoid it)


We start this episode with some dance or rhythm practice. I mean, I know it helps, but I’ve never actually thought about what exactly it helps when you move to someone counting. Probably rhythm. Anyway, Tendo, who I may have called Yuuki before (I’ve been watching this series too long to remember these things), was late to practice for reasons. Reasons that I hope move the plot forward because we have like three episodes left.


In addition to this, Tendo is getting super froggy about people visiting the restaurant I think her family owns, if I remember. I’ll look real stupid if I’m wrong, but we’re leaving it in regardless. I’ve been watching this series for quite a bit, again. Anyway, you can tell there’s something going on with her.


This is one of those times where I feel that the anime is kind of bad at prioritizing things, which I’ve felt for the past few episodes now. The first seven minutes of this episode are all scenes that serve the purpose of showing that Tendo is tired and failing at her VA work because of personal stuff. There’s been like five separate scenes to show that, and it isn’t really necessary. It feels like padding.

Anime Girl With Brown Hair Punching Wall
(I don’t recommend punching walls for anger, I do suggest playing and punching things in VR, though)


I will say the characterization of Tendo here is actually pretty good, though. She’s obviously struggling with stuff, but in order to keep up her very positive, goofy front, she holds everything in without telling anyone, which is usually how these things go, I imagine. Not everyone can be open to the world about how they feel without basically destroying their character.


So instead, she just has to grin and bear it, which gets increasingly hard as people keep trying to wear her down. Even kindness can seem harsh because people don’t know what you’re going through. At the same time, though, how will people know unless you tell them? We can’t read minds. At the very least, this is another interesting episode.


When confronted over a bag of tea (yeah, context doesn’t help), Tendo gets a bit harsh to everyone. Obviously, letting some of her feelings out, saying that hard work can’t accomplish everything, which is sadly true. She’s dealing with stuff she doesn’t want other people to know about, which is making her snappy.


Chisa gets pissy about her acting like that, which is probably how I would act too. You can only help people that want help, which is a tough pill to swallow, especially when it’s someone you care about, but I would be equally frustrated. It would just make me feel like the person doesn’t care about me or like we’re not actually friends. So yeah, I get the anger on both sides.

Anime Girls Calling Each Other Idiots
(Also, calling each other idiots over and over isn’t going to help)


For as unfair as it is to make someone tell you something they don’t want to or to force your help on them, it’s just as wrong to not think about how that makes other people feel. It turns out that Tendo’s dad was hospitalized for overworking himself, which is a good enough reason for her to be that way, I would think, but she’s still being fairly selfish. Also, does she want to kill herself from overwork too?


The resolution to this thing is very rushed. Basically, boss lady Misaki goes to visit her father in the hospital and tells him all the things she’s done. I’m pretty sure that’s wrong and going too far on many levels, but he does a 180 and suddenly cares about her happiness for some reason, despite not supporting her before. It’s kinda dumb and rushed, but I appreciate the sentiment.


In reality, this guy would probably still never support her, and I think that would be more interesting, but just how dark and serious would you expect this show to get? It has to have its limits. Still, everyone’s happy or something now. How this pushes us towards the end of the series, I still don’t know. We’ll find out.

Anime Girls Being Good Friends
(Yay, being friends is easy!)


All and all, though, this was a fairly good episode, just a pretty unrealistic resolution that kind of sours things a bit. The drama overall was still really good and was an interesting way to take things for a character I thought would be stuck in her trope. So good on them there. I’m shocked. I like when the good characters really subvert your expectations. Good stuff.


I also love getting to talk about character drama or analyzing characters, so of course, this would be a good one for me. At this point, I sadly don’t expect Cue to have any build-up towards the ending. It will probably be a random one-off episode like the rest. A little disappointing, but it’s been a good series all and all. Expect more Cue reviews, so I can catch up to things.


Thank you very much for reading


I stole the actual episode name for this one since it was good.

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