Cue Episode 22 – Animeception

Cue Episode 22 – Animeception

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Last episode, we got to see Tendo get a little mean to everyone and show more character than I really expected. But, again, we only have like three episodes left to wrap this up.


My Thoughts

Handsome Anime Man with Arm on Neck Laughing
(Hello, one of three men in the show)


So we start with one of the members of the Bloom Ball staff taking over as the producer of the Project Himmel stuff. Apparently, there’s a live show coming up that all 16 members will be a part of, and great producer man’s plan is to have all of them sing a song. Now, I’m no expert, but just 16 is too many characters to really do much. I feel like that’s a bit much for one song, but what do I know?


This does show me how they likely plan to end it. It will probably be with the song with all of them. That’s actually a pretty good idea, I think. The music thing was definitely a weird way to take the voice-acting series, but having something where every character comes together like this is about the best and most fitting ending the series could really have.


Honestly, you’d swear they want to end it this episode since the whole thing has pretty much just been clips of the various groups hanging out or doing things. Compared to the others’ where it’s clearly focusing on one group, it’s like “here’s everyone!” and because there are so many people, it’s taking like half the episode to go through simple stuff.

Anime Idols Singing with CGI
(I just don’t get it)


So they start their live show with the leftover group, and like, I’m sorry for sounding like a broken record, but what is the point of the virtual idol? I don’t get it at all. They literally have their characters in the background behind the real people performing! Why? I’m so confused. Why not just be normal idols? Is it to make it work with the VA stuff? It makes no sense! None! Why? What audience is this for? Who?


It just doesn’t connect in my head. Who are you appealing to? Like, imagine if Vtubers had their models there, but they had face cam too during the same stream. What’s the point? That’s it. I’m writing an entire post about this. I’ve decided. I will have answers. I won’t get them from this show, though, because they skip over all the groups pretty fast here.


They literally showed like not even a minute of Haruna’s group. You know, the one who was supposed to be the main main character? They shafted her so hard in this series. They decided her plot was done around episode 1o or something and never looked back. Do me a favor and pretend not to look back, also, and see where I said the series would end with the show because I was wrong.


I’m seeing that the writers here really want to make self-contained plots that only take a single episode, no matter how grandiose that plot is. Which is fine, but the ending won’t be very satisfying, I don’t think.


Anime Girls Singing Together with CGI
(All CGI looks kind of stiff, but it’s not awful)


At least when all 16 of them get up there, they actually show the whole song, which isn’t bad. The CGI isn’t terrible either. I’m not someone who sits there and refuses to accept any CGI. I know it’s necessary, and it looks better on Cue than I would expect, especially when I imagine the budget wasn’t like huge for this series. So good on them.


I’m so mad at Project Himmel! I’m furious at what this thing is! Now they revealed at the end of the live show that an anime adaptation is being made. Of what? I don’t know! I know why they made characters now! This was part of a bigger plan, I guess. You know they also didn’t tell any of the girls, which I’m pretty sure isn’t legal. I imagine, because don’t they have to agree to it? Unless they snuck it into their normal contract?


I mean, honestly, with how toxic a lot of idol culture tends to be, I wouldn’t be surprised if the contract from the beginning had planned to add 12 more idols and then have them go on stage before unknowingly announcing an anime adaptation. It was probably right near the fine print that says you can’t breathe without permission. No, I don’t like idol culture. I feel for everyone involved. 

Anime Girls Smiling Around A Tree
(There were some pretty wholesome images during the singing, though)


Still, I’ve ranted quite a few times about that topic already, so I won’t. This was a… fine episode, we’ll say. I think it was horribly rushed, but considering everything that happened, I think they made good use of the time. I shouldn’t doubt the one-episode plot king, should I? Or queen? Is there even a male in this? Well, the producer guy, I guess, but that’s about it. 


I’m going to keep pumping these out pretty much every day until I catch up, which we’ll be pretty soon, so wait for me! I can’t leave things unfinished for my own sanity, so sometimes sprints like this are necessary.


Thank you very much for reading


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