Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie Episode 10 – Don’t Fall

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie Episode 10 – Don’t Fall

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Last episode, we saw nothing of Izumi at all, pretty much. Dude was gone. Good thing the series isn’t named after him.


My Thoughts

Hachimitsu melting on Izumi
(Exercise makes me melt too)


The next arc we start is one of the most recent ones I’ve read in the manga,  so we might actually catch up to my knowledge. It’s the school relay race. As you might imagine, people hate running, because who likes exercising, right? So the school does a random draw for the class since nobody volunteered, and both Izumi and Hachimitsu get picked because God hates them.


But these two bozos have such good friends (and a girlfriend) that everyone volunteers to suffer with them. Get yourself some friends like that. I remember this taking up almost the entirety of the volume it’s in, so maybe it’s just progressing quicker in the anime, but I think that’s a good thing. It did feel a tad too long in the manga, even if it is a good arc.


The gang decides to practice, and by that, I mean they pretend to practice why Izumi and Hachimitsu make fools out of themselves until they get a little better. I mean, they’re working with the world’s most unlucky human and someone who is basically a sloth, so they need all the help they can get.  You can tell these last episodes are where all the characters in the group start to get some love, which is nice.

Shikimori blushing over Izumi
(She likes everything Izumi does, but to be fair, I kind of do too)


The festivities start with that one game where people balance someone on the shoulder of three other people. I don’t know what it’s called or even how you do it, but it’s in a lot of anime. I feel like actual schools would never allow it because it seems stupidly dangerous and just dumb in general, so I don’t know how it was ever ok, but hey, I don’t make the rules.


Next was a game where you pick up and through balls or bags into a net, and, no, it’s not basketball. It’s another one of those games you see in anime, usually for sports festivals, but it’s odd. Hachimitsu is really good at manipulating gravity basically to get her balls/bags in the net, but she’s, again, a sloth, so she doesn’t go very far. They still lose.


After the constant abuse, that’s when the relay race starts, and it goes about as you’d expect. Everyone does great. It’s just that Izumi and Hachimitsu have different kinds of greats. For them, it’s more about not self-destructing than actually doing good. But, hey, they did acceptable and everyone picked up enough slack that they ended up winning. For some reason, I thought that didn’t happen in the manga, but clearly I’m dumb because it did.


This episode is one of the reasons this anime works so well again. This arc took place over two volumes and felt like it dragged a bit for what it was. In the anime, it felt a lot smoother and works well as a one-off episode type thing. The arc is also just good. It really tightens the bond between the group more and really solidifies them as friends, even though that was obvious for a while.

Hachimitsu smiling
(Now, this does warm your heart)


This shows the first real example of why they’re friends and why they care about each other, rather than them just already being friends like they were when the series started. It’s good stuff. It’s also just a good arc from a character perspective since it gives each member a chance to shine and show off what they can do and how they can test their own limits.


For as much as I joke about Izumi and Hachimitsu sucking, they worked hard in ways you don’t normally see, which is some actual character growth for them. And, of course, seeing Hachimitsu smile is pretty nice and something that doesn’t normally happen at all. She’s pretty dead behind the eyes usually, so that’s some growth, I’m sure.


All and all, solid episode. I think I’m still right about where the series will end. It’s lining up really nice, and I think that’s a fantastic spot to end on, but we will see. It’s literally like the most intimate moment of the entire thing, no joke. From what I’ve read, at least. It’s also sweet and cute. Regardless, you should see it, even if it’s not the ending.


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