Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie Ep 12 – Better Than a Dream

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie Ep 12 – Better Than a Dream

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Last episode, we had a shopping trip with some slight past trauma sprinkled in between. The usual. But now, we end it. Well, after the review later.


My Thoughts

Didney Whirl
(I’d go there too)


We start with about what you would expect. It’s time for Disney Land or whatever they called it. It’s Disney, ok? Just where they can kiss or something in those boats that should be legally required to always be swans.


The first thing on this journey is Disney is to visit some Sleeping Beauty ride because, again, it is, in fact, Disney. We’ll call it Didney, so it’s close enough but different. As you might imagine from the final episode, it’s a lot of sweet stuff mixed in with Didney stuff, like waiting in lines forever and constantly flirting as everyone else is bored.


Really hammers down that whole they’re in their own little world thing, which is sweet. During the ride, Shikimori tries to kiss Izumi as he’s asleep, which I do believe is a crime, but it’s cute or something, I guess, but she gets interrupted. No jail time today, but instead, they go to a fancy restaurant and get a really nice table and feel all out of place. Makes sense since Shikimori is dressed like a vampire, and Izumi just had a frog thing on his head.

(Bet you didn’t see that coming)


This then goes to the boat scene I was talking about, which is really quite simple but very cute. They go on a gondola ride, the power goes out, and Izumi does the unthinkable. Something that everyone who thought he was a pushover can’t believe. He kissed Shikimori. Well, on the cheek, but it was very sweet and in character. He only has the stones when it’s for her sake and to make her feel loved, which makes him 10/10. You all just don’t get it.


Afterward, the power goes back on, some hugging happens, and everyone is embarrassed from it the next day. And as you might imagine, it ends with Shikimori kicking a can away from Izumi, being a badass, and him fawning over her. Really, really, ungodly amounts of sweetness, but not a very exciting episode to talk about.

Izumi Getting Embarrassed
(He did a thing)


All I can really say is that this was what is good about their relationship. It’s not crazy; it’s actually fairly normal in the grand scheme of things. Nothing crazy brought them together or kept them together. They’re just two people who clicked really well and needed each other, and they chose to continue being in love. It’s very sweet and wholesome, and they did a good job the whole series but especially this episode showing that. I’ll leave this one short because a review is coming soon. See you then.


I also named this review the episode title purely out of laziness.


Thank you very much for reading


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