Cue Episode 24 – The Real Final Episode

Cue Episode 24 – The Real Final Episode

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Last episode, we ended off Bloom Ball and had a nice, misleading title.


My Thoughts

Haruna being ready
(Wow, a Haruna episode)


We begin with something very promising at the beginning. Is that Haruna? Is she by herself? Is she actually the main focus? Are things revolving around the main main character of the series for once? Well, it was going that way until everyone else started showing up. Basically, everyone doesn’t really have much to do since auditions aren’t working out and the Himmel anime doesn’t start recording for a year.


Rather than focusing on happy things as you’d expect, Cue is focusing on some sadder, bittersweet stuff. It feels like everyone has reached a turning point in their lives. The radio show has had a decline in listeners since Boken Survivors started, which feels like the opposite of what would happen, but, hey, what do I know, right? They’re starting to think maybe it has served its purpose for them.


As someone who has a website that is a pure passion project that will never amount to anything, I can certainly say they should keep it. Who cares? If they enjoy it, do it. If they still love it, then it hasn’t served its purpose. You can grow and still keep that important part of you. You don’t have to get rid of something you love.

The Green haired girl from ep 1
(Wow, that important character from 23 episodes ago!)


If you thought, “boy, I hope some resolution happens for that one scene at the beginning of the series with Haruna and that anime with the green-haired girl,” well, you’re in luck because they waited until now to say that anime is having an audition. Look! Haruna got her arc. It just took the last episode. What do you mean? That’s perfectly normal.


The main focus now is that the first anniversary of everyone meeting is happening. Yeah, all that in one year. That’s shocking but makes sense, I guess. Things move fast in the VA world, I suppose. To celebrate, everyone goes on the radio show that I guess they aren’t getting rid of now, which is nice. Happy times all around.


It is a fairly good resolution to things, I think. Everyone is coming together, joining their lives in a way. It’s sweet, and I think it’s a solid way to end things, just predictable, but what were you expecting? This ain’t some crazy series. It might tackle some crazy stuff, but it’s fairly standard.

AiRBLUE Anniversary
(This was like the only plot point)


And that’s basically where it ends. Super underwhelming, but I guess fitting conclusion. You think I’m leaving things out, but I’m not. It was just that simple. Hey, we’re kinda sucking with the VA stuff lately. By the way, it’s our anniversary. Oh, cool. The end. That’s about it. Bland, yes, fitting, sure. I’m ok with it. I don’t hate it, at least.


Like with Shikimori, I won’t say much here because I want the review to do most of the talking, so this will be a pretty short one compared to most. Overall, though, I like the series. Pretty good. Not too shabby. Better than I would have ever expected from it, and this is also my longest episode review series now, neat.


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