Why Things Have Been Slow (Update Post)

Why Things Have Been Slow (Update Post)

What do I mean when I say things have been slow? Well, posts on the site haven’t been going the way I’ve really wanted. You’ve probably noticed that the last few weeks, it has been pretty much nothing but episode reviews. There are a few reasons for this that have all culminated in this happening for the past bit.


First, I’m very behind on things. I was multiple episodes behind in both review series. That with the fact I still wasn’t caught up on watching seasonals, as well as the new season starting, it just all snowballed into a bigger problem than I could deal with. Over time that has slightly gotten better, though.


I’ve now pretty much caught up, and I’m working on the last post of the last season and figuring stuff for this season out. This all mainly happened because I was on vacation about a month ago, and when I got back, I was busy working on a lot of stuff as well as just prioritizing my mental health. Unlike most slow times, this was all because of wonderful things for me. They just piled up.


I’ve also been taking streaming on my Twitch much more seriously,  which is part of what I want to talk about today. I now have a set schedule of Sunday and Wednesday nights around 11 PM EDT. That’s right, not only was this to explain what’s happening, it’s a big ad. You’ve been had!


I’m also becoming a PNGtuber thanks to my amazing friend NoranekoGames, who you hear me talk about a lot for her lovely art and being a lovelier person. I’m currently doing the PNG reveal on Twitter now, so it’d mean a lot if you came over and gave me support. Plus, you get to see wonderful art, so it’s a win-win. That’s basically it. Just an explanation. Thank you very much as always, and


Thank you very much for reading


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  1. darkdaemonpk2

    Just take your time on your updates. I think uploading posts on blogs is not a race.

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