That Time I Learned How to Sing an Anime Song

That Time I Learned How to Sing an Anime Song

So, I wanted to write something a little lighter to get back into the swing of things, so I decided I should tell a little story some people might get a laugh out of, and this should reveal a bit more about my personality too, which is always fun. So, what do I mean by the title? Well, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?


One of my favorite things about anime is the music. Specifically, the opening and endings. They can be cool, calm, relaxing, or sad. They’re paired with good art. There’s a reason so many people, myself included, always watch the openings and endings for every episode in an anime, even during a binge. They’re fun and catchy. They’re a big part of the experience for some.

Komi Jumping in the opening
(Openings are really charming, you know?)


I’ve certainly been known to listen to anime music a lot. Sometimes when I’m playing games, sometimes when I’m writing, sometimes when I’m lost in thought. If I’m thinking about something or stressed, I’ve been known to just turn on a song and pace around while I think. Something I’ve done for years and still do occasionally. So, yes, I like anime music a lot, and it gets reactions out of me like that.


So let me tell you the time that I learned how to sing one. This isn’t the only song I learned, but it’s the only one I still know, and it has the best story attached to it. One day, for some reason I can’t remember, I decided to start watching Lucky Star. You all know what anime that is. It needs practically no explanation. It’s incredibly well known.

Konata singing blur
(Enjoy the blur. Feel the age)


At one point, an episode ends with Konata singing Cha La Head Cha La during karaoke. This is the Japanese opening of the original Dragon Ball Z. Now, despite actually never talking about it, I’m a big Dragon Ball Z fan. A huge part of my childhood, and Goku is my hero. Something about the way Konata sang just sounded so fun, and honestly, despite the obvious goofiness, she didn’t sound bad. I wanted to try singing this song and just absolutely shouting it.


Even now, in my car, I just shout songs and sounds when I’m alone. I’m the quietest person ever, but when I get the chance, I go wild and let loose. So, yeah, this song was fun, and it was from a series I loved. So over time, yes, starting with Konata’s version, I learned the lyrics until I could remember all of it. Took me a day or two. Then I moved on to the whole thing, which I’ve mostly forgotten. I just know the shorter version now, but I can belt that out still to this day.

Worried animu
(Yeah, I wasn’t careful enough)


So one time, when I was a kid in my parent’s house, I thought it would be a good idea to get in some practice while I was downstairs alone. I was singing quietly, and the steps in my house were very loud, so I would hear anyone coming down. Well, it turns out I was wrong. Despite being quiet, it was still loud enough for my mother to hear and question me about it when she came down.


She was always supportive, so I heard, “I don’t know what you were singing, but it sounds good.” So I, of course, attempted to play dumb like I had no idea what she heard. That was one of the most embarrassing moments I’ve ever had, and it still haunts me to this day. Just like I will continue to randomly sing that song to this day. Fun fact, I never made it past episode 5 of Lucky Star because I stopped to learn this song, and I’ve yet to continue.


So that’s the short, goofy story of how I learned to sing an anime song when I was a child and very embarrassingly was found out. I don’t know the power of my own lungs, I suppose. And to this day, I still try and sing other songs and attempt to be somewhat good, but I’m not yet. Regardless, screaming is fun, even if I hardly ever do it and only risk it when I’m completely alone.


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  1. darkdaemonpk2

    I can sing a few lines for the intro to a few anime but not all of it since I keep on forgetting the words.

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