I’m Really Excited for the Genshin Anime

I’m Really Excited for the Genshin Anime

Those of you who follow me on my Twitter might know that I’ve been a big Genshin Impact fan as of late. Around March or so, I started really playing Genshin for the first time. It was actually the first game I streamed on my Twitch, and that was because I specifically waited, so people could see this very popular game played blind.


While I only stream important parts now, my love for the game didn’t stop. I play it every morning to start my day and actively look forward to updates, new banners, and making the team of characters I want and playing the game with friends. It’s honestly a really good game, even if it sometimes gets a bit of a bad reputation from some of the game’s more… passionate fans.

Fischl standing in grass
(My best Genshin girl)


Regardless, the game has been way more fun than I had ever expected, and It’s pretty safe to say I’m a fan for life at this point, or at least as long as Genshin continues to get support, which, considering how much more the story has to go and how many more adventures are left to be had, yeah, I’ll be here for quite a while.


Speaking of that story, I’ve actually really liked Genshin’s. It’s been one of the more unexpected parts I’ve enjoyed, especially recently. I’ve also started playing Honkai Impact after learning that the game wasn’t another open world, hugely time-consuming game like Genshin, and since playing I’ve started to see all the ways the plots of the two games connect.


It’s been far too much fun trying to piece these connections together and make one centralized plot between the two, and seeing how much the theming of both games match up. It has had me super invested. And then, something also wonderful happened. It was announced that Genshin would be getting an anime. What? I’m invested in the story now? Here’s a project just focusing on that!

Genshin anime preview
(Gotta admit that it looks pretty good)


Now, we know so little about this upcoming anime, there’s really nothing to talk about besides my excitement, and thankfully, that’s all I need, and I have a ton. Despite having a three-minute trailer you can watch here, all we saw were some shots of different landscapes and a look at Paimon and the Twins. Granted, they were all beautiful from what we’ve seen.


Just that usually wouldn’t be enough to drum up so much excitement in me, but there’s a reason everything looks so beautiful. It’s being animated by Ufotable, you know, the one that makes the most impressive looking anime of our era. The masters of battle scenes and… cooking if the Fate food anime is to be believed.

Fish from Emiya Family
(I cooked this, and it tastes as good as it looks)


Seriously, Ufotable has so many impressive series under their belt, I need say no more than the name for you to realize how big of a deal this is. This absolutely promises that, if nothing else, the Genshin anime will look outstanding. It will be breathtaking in every way if done right, and Ufotable really doesn’t miss. It will be amazing, at least it will look the part.


If you’ve seen any of the Fate anime Ufotable has done of Demon Slayer, you already know they have probably the best animated action scenes in anime, honestly, likely ever. They’re just that good. Genshin will be no different. There is just so much material they could pull from.


With the visions, they have several elements they can animate. They can also animate those elements working beautifully with each other as the game’s combat encourages. They have all of the many character skills, how they could interact with enemies and the world. There’s honestly infinite ways they could take the action in this upcoming anime, and I’m sure it will be stunning with Ufotable at the helm.

The twins from Genshin
(I’m pretty confident it will be good)


I can already see some characters and attacks I’ve come to love animated so wonderfully. I’m already thinking about certain events in the story and how they’ll be handled. This is a recipe for success in every single way, it just needs to be handled with care, and thankfully, the best studio for the job is in charge.


It’s honestly absurd to be excited at this point when we know so little about the structure of the series, how long the episodes will be, or what this “long-term project” thing even means, but it’s hard not to look forward to it a bit. We should still be cautiously optimistic, I’m just a little more on the optimistic side in this particular case, if you can’t tell.


I would be shocked if it didn’t turn out amazing. There’s just everything in the world going for this project, and I can’t wait to see what happens. Really, I can’t wait, even if it’s years off. Probably quite a few. Regardless, I’m too excited not to talk about it a bit, at least.


Thank you very much for reading

I’ll keep waiting for my Raiden Shogun in the meantime. She has to come back soon, right?

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