How I Got Back Into Reading

How I Got Back Into Reading

As a little disclaimer, most of this post isn’t relevant anymore because it took me a long time to post it. I’m completely fine and have been for over a week. I just wanted to share this little positive thing that happened.


Reading is sometimes a challenging thing. I enjoy reading a lot, especially light novels and reading them gives me plenty of good content to write about on the blog, so you would imagine it’s a good thing all around to read them for me.


But still, even knowing that and knowing that it really doesn’t take all that long to read a typical 250-300 page light novel, and that I’ll enjoy every second of it, I sometimes have to talk myself into it. Starting is a chore, even if doing it isn’t.


Reading some good books
(Yes, I’ve finally done it)


So, what, you may ask, caused me to go from not reading a book in over a month to reading three in three days? From not a single page to over 600? Well, the answer is simple, mother nature! Yeah, it’s not really a happy reason.


I was in the affected area of Hurricane Ian. Thankfully, I wasn’t hit when it was at full strength, but the CAT 1 hurricane that swept through still flooded my town for days and left me without power and internet for almost a week. As of writing this, I still don’t have either, but when you see this I will, obviously.


Super sorry
(Sorry for disappearing)


Now, don’t worry about me too much. Even though I dropped off the face of the earth, I’m fine. I just lost the ability to contact basically anyone. I stayed at a friend’s house, had a generator, plenty of food and water, and I was just fine. I’m very lucky considering how bad others around me got hit.


But while I’m still not back to normal, I’m out of the thick of it, and something positive did come out of this. I got back into reading. Without the internet or TV, two things we take very much for granted, I just read. I read and read and read a lot and managed to catch up on quite a few things.


Some of those books you might see individual reviews on, but I haven’t decided. Maybe I’ll find some way to wrap them all into one post or something. The point of this post was more or less an update, but also just to show you that good things, even small things, can come from a bad situation, and I will get to that seasonal stuff soon.


As a final message from current out of the disaster me, I’m more grateful than ever for this little blog I have, so expect me to work pretty hard on it these upcoming months. I already planned on it, but I’ve been working ever since I’ve regained the ability to do so, so expect lots more to come. Light novel stuff, anime, manga, everything.


Thank you very much for reading


Appreciate what you have, people. Don’t take things for granted. That’s today’s very important life lesson.

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