Who am I?

Who am I?

That sounds like a very esoteric title for a post, but it really isn’t anything crazy. I just thought a fun way to come back to the blog would be with an introduction of who I am. Because while I’m very much a similar person to two years ago me who started the blog, I’ve also changed quite a bit, and I’m doing a lot more than I used to.


So, two years ago, on December 1st, 2020, I started uploading posts to my new blog, Side of Fiction, where you’re reading this. It was originally supposed to be where I write a mix of anything. Anime, video games, or whatever I want to write about. Around March of that same year, I started to shift primarily to anime, and I really enjoyed it. I still wrote about games a bit, but the blog was much more focused.

Anime Boy Scared
(It was overwhelming)


As time went on, I continued to learn and post different types of anime content, and I was doing pretty well for a while. I’ve made like over 200 posts in total. I did multiple for weeks. Eventually, it became a bit too much, and I needed a break. That happened back in November, but as I promised, it wasn’t the end. I’m back now, and I’m here to stay, even though things will still likely change as I find my footing again.


The biggest change is that I won’t be afraid to write about whatever random thing I want, even if it doesn’t involve anime or games, or whatever. Also, I’m planning to dial back on seasonal content because it gets a little stressful for me. I will still have some, but not as much or worry about doing as much. The whole blog experience will just be more chill, basically.

Anime girl pointing at chalkboard
(Look at my work!)


I’m also going to use this as a chance to shill for a minute. When I started the blog, that’s all I did. It was the start of my internet journey, as far as being in the public eye of it. But now, I do a lot more. A lot of things that I’m equally passionate about and, in some cases, more passionate about. I just have a lot of passions I want to follow through on.


To begin with, I am a Vtuber over on my Twitch. I stream a good bit. Quite a few days a week. A lot of my energy goes to that, and a lot of energy also goes into my YouTube for that. I’ve been learning to edit videos of streams and just make content in general. It’s been a passion of mine since I was very young, and I’m living my dream now. This blog was the start of that even. So if you’d check out Twitch and follow, or sub or YouTube to see my work in the future, I’d appreciate it a ton.


So, to recap, nothing about the blog will really change. It’s still mostly anime but will become my outlet for anything I want, really with fiction. I will post just as much, really, but they will all be planned out much better on an actual schedule. So, the next post will come in a few days. I plan to shoot for one every three days, and I’m treating this as one, even with it being more of an update. Maybe I can write an unplanned smaller thing in between. My schedule will allow that, like my streams!


Also, I have a Twitter. I try to tweet a good bit, but that’s how you can keep up with anything I do. That’s basically it. I’m Jacob or Jarvis, as I’ve become known as lately, and I’m always Your Friendly Overlord. I’m happy to be back, and I plan to be here to stay. As I’ve said a dozen times now, I don’t think I could ever abandon this blog.


For as small as it may seem in the grand scheme of the internet, it has changed my life forever. This blog led to me meeting my best friend and so many other wonderful people that have improved my life. For the first time in forever, I’m truly happy and fulfilled, and I see this blog as the beginning of that journey, so I can never truly leave it behind, and I don’t think that will ever be the plan. I’ll see you again soon and as always.


Thank you very much for reading

Happy to be back

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