Jojo is in fact a Bizarre Adventure

Jojo is in fact a Bizarre Adventure

While I watched quite a few different series and movies on my break, no undertaking was as large or even unexpected for me as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. There’s not a single anime fan alive that doesn’t know that name, but I wonder how many of those people have actually seen it?

All the Jojo
(It’s a series with a lot of history)


At this point, Jojo has 6 parts animated, most being over 40 episodes. That’s quite a lot to get through. I never had any interest in watching Jojo, nor did I really expect to watch it. I always saw the goofy clips and accepted it as this funny, weird, bizarre adventure that people swear by for whatever reason and never dove any deeper. But a lot of my friends like and watch Jojo, so I decided now would be a good time. I was watching anime for me and myself, after all.


Really, I don’t think there’s a more fitting way to make my return to blogging than with a bigger series like this. We’re going to be going through each Jojo arc, giving all my opinions about them. I adore Jojo. I became a big fan. Big enough, I want to dedicate a lot of time to discussing it like this.

(There’s a lot of weird stuff to love)


I also think Jojo is a series worth exploring, and I think I can provide an interesting perspective. Someone who knew absolutely nothing but the memes, watched all of it completely blind and came out a giant fan. For as true as it is when people say Jojo is weird, that’s not the whole story. That and the “Bizarre Adventure” title, while being true, betray what Jojo is somewhat.


For as goofy as it is, it has a good, interesting story, constant action, lovable characters, amazing pacing for a lot of it, and tons of interesting ideas. Each Jojo part, while being similar in ways, feels like an entirely new bizarre adventure, as it should. For as dumb as it is, Jojo does an amazing job telling this plot of how families and the world changes over decades. It does a great job of showing us new things and varied locations. It’s a wonderfully bizarre adventure I became very passionate about very quickly. I freaking love Jojo.

Badass Jojo Moment
(There are also just a lot of badass moments. Like a lot)


Jojo, for the longest time, has felt like an inside joke to me. People adore it from the inside, but it seems like a joke on the outside. Watching it was eye-opening in a way. Like, I’ve finally been let in on the joke. What is that joke? There is no joke, just Jojos. Not even Jojokes. It’s actually just a really good series that happens to have a lot of quirky characters that like to pose every now and then. If I can do anything with these posts, I hope I can at least get one person to watch Jojo. It’s not what you think, I promise. It’s great.


As for how these posts will be structured with spoilers and everything, I will try to keep those sections on their own and have a very clear start. This is because I don’t only want these posts to give a new perspective on such a well-known series, but I desperately want other people who were once disinterested, like me, to give Jojo a try. More than anything I’ve written about, I think I really want people to watch Jojo. This series was the passion I needed to return, in a weird way.


With that being said, I still very much want to talk very in-depth about them. All and all, this new bizarre adventure of my own over the next few months should be really fun, and I hope I can properly show off this series that oraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraed its way into my heart. As for when you’ll see the first post focused on Part 1? It will be soonish. I plan for these to be consistent but properly spaced out.


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  1. darkdaemonpk2

    I haven’t seen a single Jojo anime aside from the clips I see on Youtube being recommended to me. I think my first exposure to this media is from the Play Station 1 fighting game that I have seen when I was younger.

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