For business inquires and important jazz:


For most anything else, you can contact me on my Twitter. This is also where I’m slightly less professional than I am on the site, and I may occasionally announce smaller updates there that I don’t think need mentioned here. I may even talk a bit about upcoming things or plans I have for the future as well; if that sounds at all interesting, check it out. Or don’t. You’re welcomed to do what you want.


I also have my MyAnimeList account, but I don’t visit that nearly as much. Still, I figure some people will want to judge my taste in anime, so there you go. Shame me! Although my AniList is better for that type of thing.


My YouTube is an option too. I’m releasing videos there pretty consistently. If you enjoy my content here, I’m sure you’ll like it there.


I’m also going to start streaming on Twitch very shortly! Come and we’ll play some games.


I also have a Pinterest where most of my screenshots can be found.