Meet These Great People

Though this is my website and blog, I am not the reason why it’s still here. I love writing for it, but more than that, I love all of the amazing people that I’ve been able to meet because of this step in the journey of my life. So I want to use this section of the site to thank all of those people who have impacted my life for the better.


Noraneko Games

Firstly, a huge thank you to Nora for creating the site’s mascot girl Fuki-chan. I was not much help at all when creating her. I went to Nora with basically just a color palette and a loose idea, and she turned that into Fuki-chan, and I was completely blown away. I have no words for how happy and impressed I was, though I can’t say I was surprised. Nora does all kinds of great stuff, in addition to being a kind human being and friend of mine.

Check out her Twitter here, and if her commissions are open when you’re reading this, please do some. You won’t be disappointed, and she deserves the support.

Please go check her page where you can see all her wonderful free-to-use game assets as well as play her own visual novels. She does a ton for the community, and her stuff helped me a lot before.

She’s also a Vtuber that I’m sure you’d enjoy, so please support her with that as well and keep on the lookout for streams on her Twitch.

You’ve helped add a lot to this chapter of my life, and I appreciate it immensely.



Also, big thanks to Raseru for making the profile picture that I had used for a while. Great guy, super kind, and really talented, so please send all the support you can muster. Please check out some great stuff he’s worked on over on Itch as well.

There are some great projects already there, but you can also keep up with development on Softwar, a game I’ve talked about a bit before here. The demo is already great and has incredible potential, but it’s only going to get better with time, that I promise.



Thanks to Metyuu for bringing my elf boi to life in a wonderful way and being all-around cool. Go do some commissions either on Twitter or Fiverr!



A super thanks to Sanaku for being incredibly talented, and incredibly kind and for drawing this wonderful, freaking adorable profile picture I’ve been using a lot. Please send your support, I implore you.


Blogger Friends

Everyone I follow on both WordPress and many that I follow on Twitter, in particular, are great people and bloggers who deserve all the support in the world, but I want to highlight a few here, but please check everyone out.


Special thanks to Irina and her blog I Drink and Watch Anime for being a big inspiration to me. Not only does she consistently put out really great daily content on her site, but she was also the first follower I’ve had on Side Of Fiction, which, as you can imagine, was a really big motivator in the beginning. So thank you so much.


Another thanks to Deathby1kSlimes for not only interacting with the site fairly early on but also for sticking around and being a decent human being and friend to me. Please support their blog as well as the really cool ongoing web novel (The Wired Phantasmagoria Grimoires) on Royal Road. Do it! You won’t.


Big thanks to Roki for much the same reason. Always being cool and making my experience with this blog thing a lot more fun. Support Roki’s blog as well here.


Lastly, while I don’t have time to mention everyone who has helped me this year (this page would go on endlessly if I did), I will link to a bunch of great blogs with some fantastic people below. Thank you to everyone, and I’m sure this page will be updated with time.


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